Keeping Our Family Secrets in the Closet


On August 18, the Annals of Internal Medicine published an article, called, “Our Family Secrets,” which highlighted two stories of medical sexual abuse of women in order to explore the culture of patient abuse. The piece ends with the author stating, “I know this is my silence to break.” And in doing so, the thousands […]

Hold onto your anti-rape panties – a new consensual sex app has arrived

couple phone

Ladies, hang onto your anti-rape panties and pepper spray, because now there’s a consensual sex app! According to the “We Consent” website, “Attitudes about sexual encounters are changing. The old standard of “no means no” is being replaced by a new standard of “yes means yes.” And this confuses some teeny-tiny boy brains. “We Consent” […]

How to Avoid Birth Violence – in 17 Steps

Don't get raped

We all know the onus isn’t on women to behave, act, or dress a certain way in order to not be raped. Yet, because the dominant culture has yet to fully insist that men be held accountable for their actions, many of us generally take certain precautions in an attempt to keep ourselves safer. Which led […]

An Interview with Kimberly Turbin

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Almost a year ago, Kimberly Turbin’s forced episiotomy video went viral when Improving Birth shared it as part of their Break the Silence campaign. When I watched the video with a colleague via Skype, I knew this had the potential to be a game-changer. Now, Kimberly, armed with a prominent civil rights lawyer, has filed […]

Sorry, Not Sorry


We hear the stories frequently. The Midwife-Gone-Medical or the Doula-Acting-Renegade. They exist as platforms for the need for well-defined scopes of practice. But it’s not often we get to put a face or humanity behind the stories. They exist as pure propaganda, Allegorical creatures conjured for the greater good, our own stay-in-line benefit. The Person […]

She Violated One, Simple Rule


The bloody scenes of women are always suspect. Our insides, the things our bodies expel – the mucous, the shedding, the clots and clumps of uterine lining and pre-formed babies. We must keep it neat. We must follow the rules. ………………………. “I can’t find you. For three days you’re consumed…. I don’t know where you […]