How the Diane Rehm Show Perpetuates the Silencing of Women


Women have held their place as an inhuman conceptual idea – one that is clothed in the dirty rags of one’s imagination so as to maintain a believable discourse. Society, at large, feels the need to leave it that way because as soon as we begin to actually listen to women’s stories and experiences it becomes complicated. We can no longer maintain our pretend image of what kinds of women make certain choices. We have to begin to acknowledge that choices are personal, that women are best positioned to know what is best for themselves and their families, and that women, alone, should be held with the responsibility and right of making their own healthcare decisions.

So, Time Apologized… So What?

Time 3

So, Time apologized. And I say, so what? So what about a popular national media outlet that included “feminist” in their list of banned words? So what? So what that their inclusion of a word channeled IMMENSE media attention their way? So what that the inclusion of a word defining a centuries-old social movement calling for […]

“Feminist:” The New Dunce in the Room


So, TIME Magazine thinks the word, “feminist” ranks up there with annoying words and phrases that should be banned. Phrases like, “I can’t even” and “sorry, not sorry,” and “literally.” Yeah, feminist. It’s so annoying to be continually reminded of our STILL ass backwardness that half the population is oppressed simply because of their gender. […]

Stop with your sexist temper tantrum – feminism isn’t the problem


Birth and reproductive justice issues are, of course, human rights issues, but more specifically, they are rights issues grounded in oppression that is gender-based. There are some who argue that we shouldn’t make these issues part of a feminist platform, however, to make violations in birth or restrictions to women’s autonomy purely a human rights […]

What Ownership Do Men Need to Take in the Feminist Movement?


Last week when the HeforShe Campaign was launched, my partner saw it first. He emailed it to me first thing in the morning, with “?” in the subject line. Per usual, in conversations about feminism, he asked me to go first in offering my thoughts. My male partner is a self-identified feminist, but he openly […]

How I Explained Privilege to My Boys


55 Ways Your Privilege Might be Showing was awfully triggering for a lot of people. Privilege is a hard conversation for most people most times. I think what made this list particularly challenging is that the audience reading the post is already oppressed. It’s hard to be open and empathize when our own pain over our […]