Stop with your sexist temper tantrum – feminism isn’t the problem


Birth and reproductive justice issues are, of course, human rights issues, but more specifically, they are rights issues grounded in oppression that is gender-based. There are some who argue that we shouldn’t make these issues part of a feminist platform, however, to make violations in birth or restrictions to women’s autonomy purely a human rights […]

What Ownership Do Men Need to Take in the Feminist Movement?


Last week when the HeforShe Campaign was launched, my partner saw it first. He emailed it to me first thing in the morning, with “?” in the subject line. Per usual, in conversations about feminism, he asked me to go first in offering my thoughts. My male partner is a self-identified feminist, but he openly […]

How I Explained Privilege to My Boys


55 Ways Your Privilege Might be Showing was awfully triggering for a lot of people. Privilege is a hard conversation for most people most times. I think what made this list particularly challenging is that the audience reading the post is already oppressed. It’s hard to be open and empathize when our own pain over our […]

55 Ways Your Privilege Might be Showing

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All pregnant folks are disadvantaged when it comes to birth. But, always, the already-disadvantaged within society suffer greatest under oppressive systems. Some of us unwittingly invoke privilege when we center our conversations about birth justice around simplistic, single-minded solutions. Here are some things that ways to tell if your privilege might be showing. You may […]

How the School Parking Lot Triggered Me Last Week

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We’ve been talking a lot about vulnerability and triggers lately. The #emptybucket campaign has made many of us shift in our seats, considering the possibility of verbalizing our traumatic experiences of being treated as vessels. The other day, I talked about things that have triggered me since my birth trauma on the Birth Anarchy Facebook […]

#emptybucket – Our Stories of Being Treated as Vessels

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I was hoping to avoid this whole “Ice Bucket” thing. In fact, I was blissfully unaware of the challenges until I saw a facebook friend last week dump a bucket over his head. Then I began to see not only bucket dumping, but philosophical objections to stunt-based “awareness raising,” questions about the integrity of 501c3’s, […]

Be the Change You Want to See – An Interview with Jennifer Goodall

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In July 2014, Jennifer Goodall, a Florida mother, pregnant with her fourth child, was threatened by her hospital with cesarean surgery “with or without [her] consent” when she insisted on a trial of labor. Now, Jennifer speaks, activist-to-activist, about her birth experience, activism, and what she sees as the fundamental flaws in the System. Hey, […]

Birth Anarchy T-shirt Campaign is Back

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I’m running another Can’t Regulate This tee-shirt campaign, and this time, there are more options to choose from! This campaign holds options of a tank, a woman’s fit tee, and a unisex tee – all in shades of blue, AND a deep red hoodie! Click over to the Teespring Campaign page to place your preorder. (Or […]

Dear Jennifer, Thank You.

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In early July 2014, Bayfront Health in Port Charlotte, Florida, threatened to force Jennifer Goodall to undergo cesarean surgery “with or without her consent.” Jennifer resisted. With a campaign spear-headed by Cristen Pascucci of Improving Birth, a large-scale consumer revolt ensued, waking thousands of folks from a cultured, complacent, do-as-you’re-told birthing slumber. Jennifer went on […]

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Witch? Still Casting Women as Villains in 2014.


I sat down to write a piece on the glaring disparity between the way that we sanction and discipline physicians vs. the way we discipline midwives – the clearly defined enemy border, the edges of which have been charred in a centuries-long professional gendercide. While physicians are civilly sued and professionally sanctioned, midwives remain tied […]

Hobby Lobby and Gender Discrimination: Refocusing the Conversation

"All women deserve birth control," one person's clever in-store response via RH Reality Check.

The SCOTUS decisions of last week, known as the Massachusetts Buffer Zone and Hobby Lobby, both sent a very clear message that free speech and oppressive religious beliefs trump a woman’s rights to bodily autonomy, privacy, and the right to exist without harassment and intrusion. Birth workers and activists have long maintained their separation from […]